Monday, August 3, 2015

Don't allow a break to break your habit

You have planned to do some activity on a regular basis. You begin with a lot of enthusiasm. You keep going for a while. You are happy and proud that you have been able to make this activity a habit. What more, you have been getting results. And then, there is a break, for some reason. If it is a short break, perhaps, you will be able to resume your activity.

But, what if it is a long break? The break could have become longer either because you have not resumed after a short break or because you have been unable to perform this activity due to some other factor.

Should you still resume this?

The activity can be relating to your personal development like doing exercises, attending a class or practicing some skill. Or, the activity can be related to your profession Or, it can be writing a diary or a blog post!

Whatever is the nature of the activity, a break shouldn't be allowed to become a termination. You can resume the activity any time and you should. You have nothing to lose except your guilty feelings and your perception that the activity can't be resumed after a long break.

If the activity had a positive objective, it is worth resuming. As I write this, I remember that we find it very easy even compelling to resume activities that won't be beneficial to us! Create a compelling feeling to resume your activities with a positive objective, irrespective of the length of the break.

Well, I have resumed writing this blog after a long break. I am not going to apologize for the break.  because I don't know whether I will have to do this again in future. Instead, I rekindle my enthusiasm and resume this activity.

You can break a break any time. A long break is more difficult to break but it can be broken all the same!

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